What If It Was You?

Imagine you are retired after working faithfully at your job for over 40 years. Suddenly, you learn you have cancer! All of your plans for an enjoyable retirement are changed in an instant! Cancer leaves you feeling weak, sick, and with an overwhelming sense of helplessness and sometimes hopelessness. You feel alone!  How will you ever cope?

This is just one of the many situations Victory in the Valley sees daily. What a joy to see the relief on the face of one of our female patients, and so many others like her, who no longer have to worry about a safe, reliable and comfortable ride to treatment. And what a humbling experience for us to receive a crumpled envelope with 60 cents inside, because she wanted to give back something to show her appreciation.

What Can You Do To Help?

Each donation given to the Transportation Program helps fund another trip to treatment for someone who may have otherwise foregone treatment because of a need for transportation. Your gift not only helps underwrite this vital program but even more importantly, meets a practical need of real people who are struggling with their cancer diagnosis, thankful for the encouraging presence of Victory in the Valley.


Transportation to Appointments

Victory in the Valley's Wichita Transportation Program provides much more than just a ride to treatment for someone facing cancer. It's an opportunity to receive hope, encouragement, and support from

someone who truly understands much of what you are going through and cares.
Established in 1995, the Transportation Program provides a ride within Wichita to treatment for cancer patients who are unable to drive themselves, or who would have to rely on a family member or friend to take off work to give them a ride
(Specific criteria must be met and release form is required from Oncology Doctor's office). This service is offered at no charge.

 Victory in the Valley Transportation Vehicles have been purchased with the generous donations provided through the fundraising efforts of caring individuals and organizations. 

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