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What happens in a Cancer Care Support Group? 

Most of our groups are comprised of cancer patients & caregivers (some groups are for patients only) who come together to connect and share experiences in a safe, friendly, supportive environment.  

Do I have to share? 

No group will force you to participate. Not everyone feels ready to share personal information with strangers right away, so it’s okay to just listen until you feel ready. Often listening to other people’s stories can provide you with comfort and useful information. This can also prepare you to support others you may meet who are struggling with similar challenges.

Respect confidentiality

It’s likely that you will hear interesting and powerful stories in a support group. But these stories should be kept in the group, and you should respect the privacy of others. While you’re welcome to share your own thoughts on the subject with friends and family, remember that a group works best when you respect other people’s stories and personal information.

No question is too silly

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. People get the most out of a group when they take the time to advocate for their needs. If something sounds confusing, or if you feel like you have a different perspective, feel free to share your thoughts with the group. Be respectful in your response and remember that you might be helping someone who hasn’t found the courage to ask that same question.


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