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Hospitality Centre

The Hospitality Centre is provided by Victory in the Valley to serve the needs of all cancer patients and supporters waiting to see any of the doctors in the Heritage Plaza Building. Located on the 4th floor, in Suite 407. The Hospitality Centre has been designed to be a warm and relaxing atmosphere, where you can enjoy refreshments, reading, puzzles, and visiting with other cancer patients and survivors or caregivers. Often, it's the waiting for a doctor's appointment, tests, and results, that can be one of the hardest times.

The Hospitality Centre is managed by

VV staff and hosted by VV volunteers, most of whom are cancer survivors. We make every effort to create an atmosphere of compassion and caring. We actively seek to provide opportunities to provide a "listening ear", encouragement, and hope. The Hospitality Centre is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

You may event get to see one of our furry Canine Friends,

when they come to visit.

Our goal is to make this time a little easier by providing

"A Place of Hope" along the cancer journey.

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