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Canine Friends Pet Therapy

One of Victory in the Valley's favorite programs is named "Canine Friends."  For over 17 years, VV's Canine Friends Pet Therapy Program has been providing comfort to cancer patients and families.  Handlers and their Certified Therapy Dogs volunteer to participate in this rewarding program.  Our caring volunteers offer free visitation at Victory in the Valley's Hospitality Centre, Victory House, VV Support Groups, and Cancer Center of Kansas Treatment Rooms (Wichita and Newton facilities) & VV Events.


The Canine Friends Program is "dedicated to providing comfort and companionship by sharing a dog with cancer patients and their families to improve the quality of their lives and enhance the possibility of recovery."


Canine Friends are Certified Therapy dogs who pass a rigorous test to ensure they are well-mannered guests.  This "warm and fuzzy" outreach is guaranteed to be a "Bone-A-Fide" success!

 If you would like to have your dog certified to participate in the Canine Friends program, please contact us for more information.