One-on-One Support    ("7th Friend" Volunteer Program)

The journey through cancer can be a frightening, confusing, and lonely time for cancer patients and their loved ones. Sometimes, having a listening, empathetic ear from someone who has also experienced their own battle with cancer can help ease the worry and anxiety.  Victory in the Valley, Inc. has established its support programs and services with the goal of assuring no one has to walk the cancer journey without support and assistance.


Our 7th Friend Program (based on the poem "Comforters" has been designed specifically to provide practical assistance, support, and encouragement on a one-on-one basis for patients and caregivers. Trained "7th Friends" from VV are available to bring hope and encouragement through a visit over the phone, via email, or visitation at the hospital, or treatment centers.


Trained "7th Friends" provide visitation at the VV Hospitality Centre located in the Heritage Plaza Building, hospitals, and other cancer treatment facilities.  In addition, Breast Cancer Friends are all breast cancer survivors who are eager to encourage and walk beside you as you go through your own journey. If you or a family member or friend would like to speak to a 7th Friend or Breast Cancer Friend, call (316) 682-7400.

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