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Breast Cancer Friend

Breast & Gynecological Cancer Support Group

​Breast Post-Mastectomy Supplies

Grants and donations from Victory in the Valley's generous supporters continue to allow us to offer services to any uninsured woman who has had a mastectomy. By working with a Certified Fitter, a woman will be professionally fitted for an appropriate new prosthesis and 2 new bras at no charge to the patient.


Victory in the Valley also has a good supply of gently used mastectomy bras which are available, without charge, for any woman who is in need of extra bras.   Call Victory in the Valley at (316) 682-7400 to make arrangements for either of these services. ​

​Camp Victory Annual Women's Weekend 

Women's Boutique (Wigs/Headcoverings/Hats) 

A young woman in her 30’s appeared in our office crying. She had just been told her cancer had spread to her lungs and brain. Treatment must be aggressive and immediate!  She looked in the mirror and saw her beautiful red hair, and knew she would not be able to afford a wig to cover her soon-to-be-bald head. In addition to enduring the unknowns of treatment, the loss of an important part of her identity was most threatening.

One of the most traumatic occurrences during the cancer journey is the loss of hair often accompanying treatment.  Part of our self-image is wrapped up in our appearance, and this change can be devastating!  Victory in the Valley has a wonderful supply of wigs that are styled and available free of charge to any woman who is going through treatment for cancer. What a joy it is to provide a wig that is just the right style and color to someone who has "one less thing to worry about" and "one more reason to feel that someone cares".
In addition to wigs, the Women's Boutique also has a supply of scarves, caps,  and hats that have been generously donated to VV to offer to cancer patients.

Contact us or call (316) 682-7400 for an appointment.  One of our caring VV Volunteers will be happy to assist you!​

​​​​General Cancer Support Services and Programs


VV Hospitality Centre 

The VV Hospitality Centre was established to serve the needs of all cancer patients and supporters waiting to see any of the doctors in the Heritage Plaza Building. Located on the 4th floor, adjacent to the Cancer Center of Kansas, the Hospitality Centre has been designed to be "A Place of Hope" filled with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, where cancer patients and caregivers can enjoy refreshments, reading, table games, puzzles, and visiting with other cancer patients and survivors. The Hospitality Centre is coordinated by VV staff and hosted by a large number of VV volunteers, most of whom are cancer survivors. The staff and volunteers make every effort to create an atmosphere of compassion and caring. We also actively seek to provide opportunities to provide a "listening ear", encouragement, and hope. The Hospitality Centre is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Often, it's the waiting for a doctor's appointment, tests and results, that can be one of the hardest times for the patient and family. For those who are pet lovers, you may also receive a visit from one of our furry Canine Friends, when they come to visit. Our goal is to make this time a little easier by providing "A Place of Hope" along the cancer journey.

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 One-on-One Support    ("7th Friend" Volunteer Program)

The journey through cancer can be a frightening, confusing, and lonely time for cancer patients and their loved ones. Sometimes, having a listening, empathetic ear from someone who has also experienced their own battle with cancer can help ease the worry and anxiety.  Victory in the Valley, Inc. has established its support programs and services with the goal of assuring no one has to walk the cancer journey without support and assistance.


Our 7th Friend Program (based on the poem "Comforters") has been designed specifically to provide practical assistance, support, and encouragement on a one-on-one basis for patients and caregivers. Trained "7th Friends" from VV are available to bring hope and encouragement through a visit over the phone, via email or visitation at the hospital, or treatment centers.


Trained "7th Friends" provide visitation at the VV Hospitality Centre located in the Heritage Plaza Building, hospitals, and other cancer treatment facilities.  In addition, Breast Cancer Friends are all breast cancer survivors who are eager to encourage and walk beside you as you go through your own journey. If you, or a family member or friend would like to speak to a 7th Friend or Breast Cancer Friend, call (316) 682-7400.

Canine Friends Pet Therapy 

One of Victory in the Valley's favorite programs is named "Canine Friends."  In 2021, VV's Canine Friends Pet Therapy Program celebrates its 17th year of service to cancer patients and families.  Handlers and their Certified Therapy Dogs volunteer to participate in this rewarding program.  These caring volunteers offer visitation, free of charge, at Victory in the Valley's Hospitality Centre, Victory House, VV Support Groups, and Cancer Center of Kansas Treatment Rooms (Wichita and Newton facilities).


The Canine Friends Program is "dedicated to providing comfort and companionship by sharing a dog with cancer patients and their families to improve the quality of their lives and enhance the possibility of recovery."


Canine Friends are Certified Therapy dogs who pass a rigorous test to insure they are well mannered guests.  This "warm and fuzzy" outreach is guaranteed to be a "Bone-A-Fide" success!


If you would like to have your dog certified to participate in the Canine Friends program, please contact us for more information.

Caregiver Support

Caregivers are not overlooked at VV.  We know they are dealing with their own fears and struggles when a loved one is

fighting cancer.  Caregivers are invited to most VV Support Groups.   "Caregiver Cancer Buddies" are available to offer

one-on-one support by phone or in person to other caregivers. 

​​​Prayer Support 

As we go through the cancer journey, either as the patient or caregiver, it is a great comfort to know others are praying for us.  Victory in the Valley currently has fifty-three prayer volunteers who have committed to pray each day for those going through cancer.  All prayer requests are sent to the volunteers via email and the volunteers will continue to pray for the next month.  If you have a "cancer-related" prayer request, you may email it to Victory in the Valley  As someone once said, "We could probably all go through cancer by ourselves, but how sad that we should try."  We hope you will give us the opportunity to accompany you through your journey.​

Transportation to Chemotherapy & Radiation Appointments 

What We Do For Cancer Patients...

Victory in the Valley's Transportation Program provides much more than just a ride to treatment for someone facing cancer. It's an opportunity to receive hope, encouragement, and support from someone who truly understands much of what you are going through and cares.
Established in 1995, the Transportation Program provides a ride to treatment for cancer patients who are unable to drive themselves, or who would have to rely on a family member or friend to take off work to give them a ride. This service is offered at no charge.  Victory in the Valley Transportation Vehicles have been purchased with the generous donations provided through the fundraising efforts of caring individuals and organizations.

What If It Was You?
Imagine you are retired after working faithfully at your job for over 40 years. Suddenly, you learn you have cancer! All of your plans for an enjoyable retirement are changed in an instant! The cancer leaves you feeling weak, sick, and with an overwhelming sense of helplessness and sometimes hopelessness. You feel alone!  How will you ever cope?

This is just one of the many situations Victory in the Valley sees daily. What a joy to see the relief on the face of one of our female patients, and so many others like her, who no longer have to worry about a safe and comfortable ride to treatment. And what a humbling experience for us to receive a crumpled envelope with 60 cents inside, because she wanted to give back something to show her appreciation.

What Can You Do To Help?
Each donation given to the Transportation Program helps fund another trip to treatment for someone who may have otherwise foregone treatment because of a need for transportation. Your gift not only helps underwrite this vital program, but even more importantly, meets a practical need of real people who are struggling with their cancer diagnosis, thankful for the encouraging presence of Victory in the Valley .

Patient Assistance Program 

Imagine, in addition to being told you have cancer, you find you are unable to continue working. You have enough money to maintain your insurance coverage for a month or two, but depending on how your treatment goes, you may need to be off work for more than 6 months. How will you live? How can you pay all of your regular bills? How can you pay for all of your prescriptions to control your pain and nausea? One prescription for nausea medicine may cost $27 per pill, and a 2 week supply of pain medicine may be over $200! 

Victory in the Valley has established an Emergency Medical Fund (provided on a short-term basis) to assist with these needs.  This fund is accessed through the direction of the patient’s physician/nurse, and the pharmacy is paid directly by Victory in the Valley after authorization. Each $1 donated to this limited fund, is used directly to provide pain or nausea relief, and to see a patient through some of their darkest hours.​

VV also has a Food Pantry available for those patients on current treatment (Doctor Referral Required).  Once a month,  a box of non-perishable items is provided to help ease the financial burden for families.  Pantry groceries are donated by our generous supporters.

New Patient Kits & Treatment Planners 

Every newly diagnosed cancer patient who visits Victory in the Valley at our Victory House location  (3755 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS) will receive one of our "New Patient Kits" filled with educational and resource information.  In addition, through the generosity of many individuals and organizations, the kit includes a warm hand-made blanket or quilt, neck pillow, comfort items, etc.  


Newly Diagnosed Cancer patients will also receive a "Victory Bear" which they will be offered at Victory House, our Hospitality Centre or by our 7th Friend Volunteers who visit at the cancer treatment centers.  Each warm, cuddly bear is provided as a source of encouragement and comfort and as a reminder that "Victory in the Valley Cares About You Beary Much!"​  Along with your bear you will receive Victory in the Valley's "Navigating The Cancer Journey" booklet designed by a committee made up of cancer survivors, caregivers, oncology doctors and nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  The booklet includes common oncology terms along with suggestions for both cancer patients and caregivers from those who have also walked the journey. 

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Victory Bear Outreach Program 

Victory in the Valley’s 7th Friend Volunteers enjoy distributing Victory Bears to newly diagnosed cancer patients at treatment centers, hospitals, the VV Hospitality Centre, and at Victory House.  "Victory Bears" are given to cancer patients/survivors as a cuddly reminder that Victory in the Valley cares about them!

For those who would like to help with this outreach, VV is now offering you the opportunity to Sponsor-A-Bear for a suggested donation of $10 per bear.  ​Click HE​RE​ for more information. 

Our special thanks to all of the individuals and organizations who donate financial gifts to continue this important outreach.

​Lodging Assistance for Out-of-Town Patients & Families​ 

What We Do For Out-of-Town Cancer Patients/Families:

VV has made special arrangements to assist with the lodging needs of out-of-town cancer patients and families.  VV has established negotiated rates through a few specific hotels.


Because it is always stressful to have to leave your home and supportive community while undergoing medical testing and cancer treatment, the ability to stay in an atmosphere of encouragement and caring can make the situation much easier.  Cancer patients and their families are invited to attend any of the support activities at Victory House or just come by for a visit.  They will find a new “family of friends” from staff and volunteers who have walked a similar cancer journey, as a cancer patient or caregiver, and want to reach back to lend a caring hand.


What Can You Do To Help?

Each donation designated for the Lodging Fund will be used to help subsidize lodging expenses for out-of-town cancer patients and families receiving cancer treatment in Wichita. Each gift, whether large or small, will go far in making a difference in someone’s life.


Loaner Medical Equipment

Cancer patients and families have generously donated used medical equipment to Victory in the Valley, with the hope that other cancer patients and families could benefit from their use. We currently have several wheel chairs, stool risers, shower stools, and assorted other equipment which may be loaned to cancer patients in need of them. This service is provided at no charge through the generosity of our supporters.​

​​​Quilting Class 

The Victory in the Valley Quilting Circle meets the LAST Tuesday of every month (not currently meeting) from 9:30am to 11:00am at Victory House, 3755 East Douglas.  Bring your own quilting work or join in on a group project.  Open to cancer patients/survivors and their supporters, this is a great way to enjoy doing needlework and make some new friends who have or are also walking the cancer journey.